If you look at anything outside of the animal kingdom, that is man made, it was the ideas communicated in a way that had other people come in with those ideas and make those things come about. That has critical importance to having action happen. That's every idea ever created from finger nail polish to the chairs we sit in.


When we work with people and take a direct look at language it is the most important factor that creates ideas into reality. Using communication to move people into a dialogue for action is something that I enjoy working with. To have entrepreneur & businesses create actions that build on existing ideas and redirect them by looking at what is being said/languaged gives them new possibilities in where they can go & directing them  towards the steps for a sustainable, profitable and long term business growth.

This isn’t as easy it it may sound as the human biological base line is  about survival which without knowing moves subtly into a persons language just as easy as a spear moved into our ancestors hand thousands of years ago. With estimates on 60,000 thoughts a day and up to 80% negative and 95% repetitive most of us speak those stats as naturally as a fish swims in water or a bird in air. We don’t see that what defines us in how we speak to ourselves and others keeps us where we are for our survival & has most humans repeat not create their next steps...

In working with people & directing them to look into sustainable , viable and attainable actions we have to 'in-conversations' get them to look back in own their own language  so that they can see that speaking hides in it high levels of safety, survival & security. So unless we move the conversation in a way that they have new actions, business expansion & growth happening these conversations will be filled with more biological preservation that statistics say have many businesses discontinue within the first 5-8 years.


My goal is to help with that. Thats what gets me up in the morning and thats what floats my boat.​

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