Over the last decade Henare has coached many high profile leaders in the area of increasing their performance and results. In Results Generator you’ll have four private coaching sessions with Henare O’Brien to have you breaking through into the next level of your results.


With regular text check-ins with one of our team members to communicate if you're on track with your commitments to yourself, we've designed this program in a way to eliminate any potential for anyone to 'slip under the radar'. The level to which you show up for yourself will be highly visible and there will be no slipping through the cracks for anyone!

If you’re done looping at your current level in business and life and are ready to draw an official line in the sand, and step over it into your next level...

Then click the button and we'll be talking real soon.


I take people through the growth curves with the expectation that, if willing, like any hero in any movie, once over that theshold there will be a world of possibilities open up. That’s my jam. Taking people over thresholds in learning to have them see something for themselves they may have not seen before. I’m lucky to have learnt and trained with the best of the best. I spent the last 15 years refining it so I could come with a new, fresh, fun and challenging perspective to coaching and helping people develop and perform. My favourite is with people who're already up to stuff but not yet able to break through to the next level & to take them through the next phase in their business, relationships or lives. 

If you’re ready to enter into a NEW conversation at a very NEW level for your life, relationships and business. Where you’ll be seeing a new future and playing for new results.

Then click the button. And we'll be talking soon.

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